Wednesday, 19 December 2007

A Christmas Update on my favourite characters

Those of you who are regular readers will be familiar with some of my fellow commuters. I am aware I have mentioned them less as my anger at FGW has increased. So here goes:

Visaman - still commuting with me. He brought his son with him the other day. I don't mind saying that this young lad has the most extraordinary hair - it had it's own gravitation pull and everything. Very nice chap and polite. So we'll forgive the hair.

Teaman - I see him more on the way home now and I think he's forgiven me for putting milk in my Earl Gray.

Trainman - The encyclopedia of railways. He now gets a different line which apparantly arrives early in London on regular occasions. Just watch his fare go up!

Tallman - still tall.

"Hermione" - the one that doesn't speak. Well actually she spoke to me the other day - to say thanks for holding the door for her.

Roy Harley the train manager - I think he's been redeployed which is a shame as I enjoyed his witty banter in the morning.

I think that's it - what a jolly crew.

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Anonymous said...

I think the lovely Robyn deserves a comment, after all the poor girl no longer gets the 7.18, she sets off in the middle of the night and her car is still there when we tumble out at Kingham, to avoid confusion with the Lincoln Green Robin, she should be known as Robyn of Kingham!...and isn't trainfellow a bit sexist, shouldn't we have a traintotty section??