Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Petition for the Cotswold Line

As you know, I am constantly complaining to FGW about their lack of service, slovenly staff and ill-informed decisions.

Recently the "Selective Door Opening" has caused all kinds of problems on the train - a proper nightmare - people getting stuck in carriages etc made worse by the fact that the FGW staff clearly do not know how to use a tannoy system without making it:

a) feedback
b) distort so it sounds like you're on Mars.

Now someone has started a petition - Mr Richard Fairhurst. So if you use this line and are getting stitched up the same way as I am, please give this some attention.

Also see: for anger even greater than mine.

That's all I'm saying....


Will said...

Hi! I noticed that you travel on the Cotswold Line. At the moment there is a lot of single track, causing extra delays and cancellations.

There is a petition to re-double the line. Would you consider signing it?

The url is here: ""

Many thanks, and good luck for the future.

Will said...

PS Could you also advertise it on your site.



Mirra said...

Interesting to know.