Sunday, 2 December 2007

Last Friday Night

What a debacle..

I caught the early train home in an effort to spend a bit of time in the house before going out for a fantastic dinner engagement.

I knew my plans were holed below the water line when I got to the station and saw the sight that all commuters on a Friday night dread to see:

An overcrowded platform with passengers crowded round members of staff and the tv monitors desperate in their quest for information about a train (or other mode of transport not excluding horses) that will convey them to their accommodation for the night.

It's like a cold hand reaches into your chest and clutches at your still beating heart and then attempts to make you give up there and then. Only the bravest carry on.

Train after train was delayed including mine which, when it did arrive, dramatically changed it's destination literally as the train arrived on the platform. Instead of taking us via our usual route, we were flung towards the hateful town of Swindon (sorry) and then told to get off because there would be buses to take us to our stations where we foolishly had parked our cars.
Tall man and I managed to bump into each other at Swindon and, with 3 others, ended up hiring a black cab to take us to Kingham. I should point out that we tried a number of mini-cabs who all responded:
"Wherrreeee??? Kinghammmmmm? Never 'eard of thaaaat. We don't go beyond Wiltshire boarders".
This resulted in a colourful bout of swearing from tall man who was also getting soaked by the torrential rain that was throwing it down just to make sure we were really uncomfortable.
In contrast to the previous occasion when a freight train broke down near Oxford, FGW staff were next to useless. The woman who was meant to have organised the buses started having an argument with the bus driver that had actually shown up and it all went very wrong very quickly.
Anyway, one £80 cab fare later and we were sorted. Only got home an hour and half late..... no thanks to FGW.

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