Sunday, 27 April 2008

Something bad is happening to me

I went to Devon for a few days to enjoy the delights of the English Riviera. Let us be clear, Torbay is not at all reminiscent of St Tropez. I've been there. It's awful and I do actually prefer Torbay with it's slightly down at heel feel to it.

While we were pottering around the South Hams (south Devon for the uninitiated), I came across the stations I hear announced at Reading - such romantic places as Dawlish, Teignmouth, Newton Abbott etc.

Mrs TF took a photo of a train - see below:

And as we made our way back up the M5 where the road runs parallel with the railway I tried to see if it was single or double track (sad) and then and train went past and I commented:
"I've probably been on that train".
And I went on to describe the relative merits and pitfalls of an HST (re-conditioned) vs an Adelante and a Turbo.
What have I become? I might have to start calling myself JT or Luke....


NaiT said...

JT says "He WISHES he could call himself JT or Luke" !!! I however 'wishes' that my husband's train fetish was not made quite so public. I am only 23 years old and it is not good for my style... Well... Not that I HAVE style but still, at my age I should at least pretend!! xx

Tim said...

I think train 'fetish' would be the wrong word, dear sister. How about rail enthusiast?

Major Clanger said...

Dude, I cannot feel in all good faith that I can consider you a friend any more. You are officially a geek and I have to disown you. You notebook carrying, rainmac wearing, platform loitering wierdo.

Mrs Wibbs said...

major clanger stole the words straight out of my mouth...!! You are officially a 'trainspotter'. Congratulations. (Eeeek)

I've tagged you to do a 'meme'. Come over and have a look, then give it a go if you dare!!
If you don't want to play, I won't hold it against you. Too much.

Rach x