Sunday, 20 April 2008

The community shrinks

I am saddened to report that over the last couple of weeks my little gang that used to gather together for general support and comiseration has dwindled.

Visaman - changed jobs for something closer to home - less money, more life.

Train-totty - changed jobs for something much much closer to home - less money more life.

There is a theme here.

I am now a lonely commuter.



Andy said...

Did you have a leaving party on board for any of them?

NaiT said...

TF! That is very sad. I feel your pain. See if you can find some new amusing characters. x

Anonymous said...

the Trainfellow said that there would be a party, actions speak louder than words and no action yet........but I think evertybody who reads the site should be invited! the contributer formerly known as Visaman

Anonymous said...

PS, I was going to say something about no action and traintotty in the same sentence, but you always censor my more edgy posts!! Visaman (retired)

Tim said...

Reminds me of the 80's song by Visage - "We Fade To Grey" with the lyrics:

"One man on a lonely platform, one case standing by his side........"