Thursday, 20 September 2007

TrainMan and others.

Regular readers will recall my fellow traveller nicknamed "Train Man". He is making the habit of commenting on this blog and to much amusement.

Sadly he gets a different train now but it is nice to have his thoughts reaching us through the Interweb.

The 07.18 club continues to expand. There are now 5 of us that travel to Kingham from the same town:

Ridiculously tall, good looking man

There must be others.



Anonymous said...

Yes its Trainman again!
I see I have hit the headlines. Well I must just tell you about today travelling on Chiltern.

Now do you remember the old days on Cotswold line when one was able to finish on a Friday slightly earlier and caught a train from Paddington around 4pm that got you to Kingham around 5.45pm? (Slightly later departure for Train Fellow at Reading) Try doing that on the current timetable and the train terminates at Oxford. In theory another train should then take you on to Kingham shortly afterwards. Theory and Network Rail Timetables are great except when it comes to reality. What is normal is for the Paddington train to run 'slightly late'ergo 30 minutes late, enough to miss the connector.

Well the good news is that today I tried the same from Marylebone caught the 4pm and arrived at 5.03pm and home near kingham for 5.45pm ~ whatadifference.



Anonymous said...

bloody First Great Western, I enjoyed a lovely drive through the rolling hills and sleepy pastures of the Cotswolds this morning, pulled into reply to a text message - so lost a couple of minutes, parked at Kingham and as I wandered towards the station I received a smug wave from the Train fellow, I swear the 7.18 had become the 7.14. This is where style has to cut in, you have to walk briskly, without being seen to run by all those on Platform 2, thinking there but for the grace of God........I made it, still 15 minutes late at Paddington though!!
Best Visaman