Sunday, 1 July 2007

I'm not alone.

Went out for a brief pint with one of my new neighbours. Very nice chap and his girlfriend who is a Doctor in London.

We chatted and it turns out she gets the train / tube in to work everyday and has done so for about a year. She sees the same people on the train every day. She has never spoken to or smiled in recognition of any of the people she shares a train with.

British commuter etqiuette is going strong. It's not just me you know... I'm not being paranoid. You're just not allowed to speak on the train.


Hoggstar said...

Then you should break the mould my love! Start a friendly revolution :)

BurundiAdventures said...

Oh but I used to talk to p3eople on the train. Buyt then it wasn't commuter time. I met a lovely (harmless) old widowed ex vicar, a lovely Christian lady and a bunch of guys going homae after a stag weekend. For that experience we had to all be friends because we were stuck for 6 sodding hours, instead of the usual 2, because lightening screwed the signals up. I learnt many rude jokes, got free beer, felt smug that our carriage was the only one with working air-con and played a hilarious card game helped by beer I suspect) :0)

This is a genius blog.