Friday, 27 July 2007

Commuting by car

My dear blog readers,

Due to the flooding that has been the talk of Gloucestershire in recent days, I have been unable to use my normal 7.18 train. I have in fact been reduced to driving to the office although I have managed to blag a car parking space which has made all the difference to what would otherwise be an uneventful day...

I have very little excitement to bring you from a quick drive down the M4 - I could rant about the stupidity of drivers who sit 2 feet from someone else's bumper or about the panic braking (both those issues are related) but actually I'm pleased to tell you I found a photo on my phone...

This is of one of the fine gentlemen I gave a lift to at the height of the floods. Poor chap had to walk through a flood in his brand new brogues. He later commented that it seemed to have really helped break them in.

Picture also illustrates the crowded nature of our journey... That's it really.


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