Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Today I are mostly off sick

Got up at the usual time this morning and attempted to go to work. However, this attempt was cut short by arriving at the station to the sound of the fella "Leon" who works there (very nice chap actually) telling us the train would be 1/2 an hour late. Gave up and went home and crawled back in to bed with my man flu for company.

So today I am going to draw upon something I thought about last week.

The "train manager" came on the pa system and actually used it with a certain amount of skill - something that is lacking among many of his "management" colleagues. You could hear every word he said without it either:

a) Making your ears bleed
b) Shattering the windows and making children and adults alike cry.
c) The system just cutting out because the chap has held the mic so close to his face it's more of a throat mic and the thing gives up because it is inundated with saliva.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, the "train manager" henceforth know as "the interesting train manager" came on the intercom thing and said the following:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, thanks for travelling with 1st Great Western. (Blah blah blah). Now, I'd like to have a chat with you about some of the short platforms the train will be calling at".

Maybe it's just me but I love the idea of the train manager going from person to person having a nice interesting chat about the lengths of platforms and which carriages to use to alight from the train.. All very pastoral and pleasent. Needless to say he never showed up but I appreciated the effort he made to speak properly and to make his ordinary announcement a bit more interesting.

I've heard from VISAman that there is a chap on a later train who waxes lyrical about the various sights to be seen from the train - the dreamy spires of Oxford, the winding lanes of the Cotswolds, the reminder of Hell inspired by Satan... - that is Didcot....

Another website below for all you train geeks out there - this looks like a great day out:

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