Thursday, 18 September 2008


One of the things I have been doing over recent months is running. This is an attempt to stave off the lardy appearance and actually be slightly fit.

Sadly I have been running so hard that my right knee is giving me some proper pain which makes running for the train a bit of a challenge. You see I've been falling into the trap of assuming the train will always be a minute or 2 late at the station even though they leave soooo much time for us to get to our destination.

This morning I was just pulling in to the car park as the train was pulling in to the platform.

A very ungainly hobble on to the platform was followed by a round of applause from my fellow passengers.



Naomi said...

Yeah road running can be a nightmare for your knees... Have you got a good pair of trainers? x

Andy said...

LOL...well done you.

Feel slightly inpired to go to the gym...