Friday, 5 September 2008


I humiliated myself properly this morning.

I decided to take the 4x4 to the station on account of all the rain and the forecast floods, disaster and general pestilence. This car doesn't go as fast and I left late to get to the station.

Also, in my haste, I managed to overshoot one of my turnings thus delaying myself further.

The praying that was going on was only punctuated by the screeching tyres as I took another corner a bit quick in order to get to the station - Sarah Kennedy (Radio 2) informed me that it was 7.13am already. My train departs at 7.12 so I thought I'd had it....

So you can imagine my suprise when I screamed in to the station car park and saw the train still there...!

I parked badly, grabbed my bags and ran like the wind. And then the car wouldn't lock properly so I had to go back. And then run again.. As I made it on to the platform, unbelievably, the train was still there! Up the steps I went, running as if through water shouting the immortal words at the top of my voice "wait for me! Wait for me". And he did.

I saw the highly efficient, much respected and frankly wonderful train manager. He looked at his watch, then at me with his finger hovering over the "LOCK ALL DOORS" button. I ran towards him and said as I approached:

"You are a beautiful man".

He smiled and let me on. And we left on time (according to his watch).

Managed to leave my phone in the car and didn't get a car park ticket either... Ooops.


Seb said...

Looks like your running has been having positive effects beyond the obvious ones. Congrats, four years time we might see you in the games (assuming the early morning train dash is added as a demonswtration event) :)

Naomi said...

That is probably the first (and last) time in UK history that a train manager has ever been called "a beautiful man" - well done!!