Monday, 8 September 2008

When we caught up with time

I was slighted vexed to note this morning that my train was to be 16 mins late. I checked this before I even left the house. This was due to an "unstable track bed due to flooding in South Wales."

And so I made my way to the station feeling slightly pressured as I had to leave for a client meeting fairly soon after arriving at the office.

But by the time we arrived at Reading, we had made up ALL the time we had been late by and in fact arrived early.

Collyn was clearly delighted by this and made us all fully aware of the fact we'd caught up! Now I was very pleased but it did point out one thing to me.... What a nonsense the time table is. Given the fact that the train arrived 16 mins late and arrived 1 min early, the train could depart at 7:29am thus allowing me to stay in bed until about 6.30am

It's just not fair. I want to stay in bed longer.


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