Wednesday, 10 November 2010

I have returned

So I got on the train today. 10.11.2010.

I got the 8.24 at 8.27  which was lucky as I was running late.   Went slowly all the way. Boring... But got some work done.

Got the train home. left 15 mins late on a much smaller than usual train. Late due to reports of a body on the line at Iver and someone acting suspiciously at Twyford.. No... that's just what happens in Twyford.

Got in my car. Felt achy and abused by the rail network.

So nothing much has changed in the time I've been away...  But at least I got to my meeting in time thanks to the services of a London cabbie.

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Andrew McC said...

Were you going on the protest to trash Millbank???