Saturday, 3 October 2009

The Highway Patrol

Anyone who still reads this will remember my general dis-enchantment with the "Train Managers" apart from 1 or 2 helpful exceptions.

I now have a similar irritation with the imitation policemen who turn up to every flat tyre incident on the M4.... aka the Highways Agency highway patrol.

Last week, they shut an entire lane of the motorway so that someone could have their tyre changed...

I know there are plenty of examples of lorries running onto the hard shoulder and flattening anyone in their way but just a bit more thought in this situation would have helped - it delayed traffic on the M4 in to London at rush hour by at least 20 mins.....

Grrr.. (as usual)..

TCF (the car fellow / treating customers fairly)....

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Anonymous said...

Well 'shiver me timbers' - tis old Train Fellow; gosh thought you might have been a bit busy dealing with errant bankers etc

So the roads honeymoon is well and truely over - reality has kicked in!!!!!

Guess wherever you go these days there is always someone set to spoil anything that is either working well or unspoilt.

It looks as though your latest encounter is a result of over zealous 'health & safety men at work'

The latest in The Mail today is from the police who have BEEN WARNED BY 'H&S SPECIALISTS' that SNOW in Winter - DANGEROUS, WET LEAVES in Autumn - DANGEROUS, SUN in Summer - DANGEROUS and SHOWERS in Spring -are DANGEROUS. Well what a surprise!!!! What is dangerous is that we as the public are paying for these 'specialists' to come up with these so called revelations

TRAINMAN (still going to London via Chiltern)