Monday, 15 November 2010

Oh how we love our fellow passengers...

London today.  Trains actually worked well mainly down to the fact that I limited the amount of time / mileage that I spent on the train.

On the way home this young fellow stropped his way on to the train, threw his bag down and slouched in the seat behind me. He spoke in an unintelligible way into his phone and then turned to the nice gentleman opposite and said "Oi mate dis trai' goin' to Redding?"

Gentleman: "Yes I believe it is".
Oick: Where else it goin'?"
Gentleman: "I believe it finishes in Gloucestershire eventually."
Oick: "ug".

It made me think of someone at work who said to some oick: "you can't expect to be taken seriously unless you make the effort to speak properly and to control  your emotions".....

I wonder if we have a real problem in this country where there will be a generation growing up unable to interact in any vaguely eloquent way.....

Anyway, enough navel gazing.

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