Friday, 29 August 2008

A Right Royal Green Dressing Down

Arrived at station this morning to be greeted by the Royal Green Jacket.

Today is Friday so I am wearing my "dress down" clothes - funky jeans, Gap
shirt, v-neck jumper and some brown boots.

In my humble opinion, flirting with cool but not too much.. RGJ said to me "Is this what it's come to? Dress down Friday."

I know he was baiting me so we went on and had a conversation about the disastrous Trinny and Suzannah.
Apparently Suzannah used to go out with Prince Andrew in her younger days and her family were (I quote RGJ here) "very disappointed that she didn't bag the catch".
How does he know these things...

All this is alleged and there is no proof for any of the above.


Anonymous said...

Her ex was Lord Linley - see

Naomi said...

Annoying as those two are... I have to take my hat off to them, they are very clever. I hate the way they grab boobs and bums in a decidedly lesbian fashion, but the results that they achieve and the advice that they give is brilliant. They did a great show on women and their bottoms. !!!