Sunday, 10 August 2008

Liberals again

I had a welcome comment the other day from someone who feels it is right to argue that God is a delusion of the human mind. This is very much a Richard Dawkins thing I suspect.

It is often said that there is no scientific proof of God. It is also true to say that there is no scientific way of prooving there is no God. (Interestingly, type into Google the Lennox, Dawkins debate - very interesting).

From my point of view, I see God the creator in all things around us. It is a marvellous thing to behold the beauty of my baby girl who was, without a doubt, "created". That she has come into being and is so perfect is, in the words of my good friend "Major Clanger", just a nonsense. There is no logic that is navigable by man that can persuade me otherwise.

On the other point raised - about Islam and Christianity - it is true to say that many people have been killed in the name of these religions. I would say that this is more due to man's choices about these religions.

Christianity is all about grace and peace. I cannot speak for Islam.


Major Clanger said...

I think that whole 'people killed in the name of faith' thing is a bit of a weak argument. Since we have been on two feet, we have been looking for new and inventive ways to pick a fight with each other. Let's face it, history tells us we do not need much of a reason to start a war. Saying 'look at the deaths in the name of faith', is like saying 'look at the deaths in the name of soil'. I think it is fair to say that more have died trying to steal bits of land off their neighbours than in matters of faith. The truth is, terrible things will happen in the name of anything that is of importance to us, be it as nations or as individuals. We use important subjects as a carriage for us to excuse our inability to just love each other. For the smartest species on the planet, we have a habit of behaving like one of the bluntest. God gave us the right to choose, our hopeless inability to exercise that right effectively cannot be something that we use as a reason not to believe. As for Dawkins, I think it is great he voices his opinions so vociferously. Debate is the only starting point for most people who become Christians.

Naomi said...

Well done TF, very courageous and well said. I agree.