Sunday, 22 June 2008

Random meetings

Thankfully one escapes from work at weekends and does one's best to forget the misery, drudgery and pain that goes with the working week.

There are some things that lighten the load - generally the jolly good chaps one meets on the way to and from work.

Sadly in recent months our numbers have been depleted by people finding jobs closer to home - mainly to do with not wanting to get up so early in the morning for a train service that threatens to mess up your day, every day.

The list of fallen is as follows:

Mini-crasher (has accepted a new job)
Royal Green Jacket - considering something closer to home

I am sometimes lonely on the platform. And for someone with as much verbal diohhrea as me, this is difficult.

Poor me.



Major Clanger said...

Do you think they are all trying to tell you something. You have driven people to search for a new job!!

Naomi said...

Oh Al, you will become 'one of them' - you know what happens to abandoned commuters? They go mad and end up lined along the banks of Oxford with video cameras, or in my day, little red (slightly sweaty, from excitement) notebooks and chewed pencils. TRAINSPOTTERS!!! ARRGGHHHH!! Get some new regulars quick!!