Thursday, 19 June 2008

Annoying announcements and excitable train managers

So there's this chap that some times runs the 7.12am train. He's ok - very contientious and so on. He has quite interesting eyebrows and a very genuine way about him when he's doing the ticket rounds.

But yesterday I had enough.

He said the following line about 700,000 times:

Morning Ladies and Gentlemen. We're on final approach to Reading now. If you are leaving us here, please ensure you have all of your personal possessions with you and retain your tickets for inspection at the barrier.
And don't forget your brollies. It is wet out there so please take your brollies with you. Once again, don't forget your brollies. Please check you haven't left your brolly behind.

I don't think he likes collecting up brollies at the end of the journey somehow.


1 comment:

Andy said...

There is something about these announcements...

The minute they go 'off script' and start ad-libbing they all think they are Ricky Gervais...!!