Friday, 31 August 2007

And I'm back

The silence over the last few weeks has been due to a number of factors - holidays, birth of 1st child, consequent paternity leave and so on. However, I am pleased to be back and noting the interesting ways of my fellow commuters.

Today I had an interesting observation as I caught a very quiet 7.18 to Paddington.

A chap in a nice pin stripe suit (who incidentally was wearing brilliant socks - the sort of thing I aspire to - they were pink and blue stripes) expressed some suprise that the train had turned up on time..
I have him a questioning look and it turns out that the automated train mis-information system had said the train would be 20 mins late. He was then suprised when the train showed up on time.

I refer to a previous post - I commented on the time machine nature of the train and I am glad that someone else has finally experienced what I have been going on about.

No stories of "train managers" to amuse you this week although I did sit next to a group of platform staff from Oxford who had just been on a training day somewhere. They were very dull.


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